About us


Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) is a Statutory Authority established by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority Act 1996 and is a successor in law to the former State Insurance Office.

VMIA provides the Victorian Government with risk management and insurance services.

We advise and insure more than 4500 clients. These include Victorian Government departments, statutory authorities and agencies, as well as hospitals, tertiary institutions, health centres, community service organisations, national parks, museums and cemetery trusts. We also cover particular infrastructure such as state roads, rail and bridges.

Our current portfolio represents approximately $195 billion in assets, backed by state insurance.

In 2010, the State Government directed VMIA to provide domestic building insurance on a commercial basis to cover certain domestic building projects undertaken by builders and owner builders in Victoria. VMIA is a designated DBI insurer under the Building Act 1993

Domestic Building Insurance Program

Under the Domestic Building Insurance program, we provide cover for approximately 15,000 Victorian residential builders.

DBI is provided under the terms set out in the Domestic Building Insurance Ministerial Order [PDF, 147KB].

Changes were made to the Ministerial Order that came into effect from 1 July 2014

VMIA manages the claims for all VMIA-DBI policies issued by QBE since 31 May 2010.

The Domestic Building Insurance Program is monitored by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The ESC has been requested to:

  • report annually on the Performance of Victoria’s DBI program. Details about the performance of the VMIA-DBI scheme can be viewed here; and
  • report biennially on the adequacy and validity of VMIA’s domestic building insurance premiums. The DBI Premium validation reports can be viewed here