Service model changes FAQs

  • What is changing?

    We are introducing a more flexible DBI service model for Victoria. Using a new system will help to streamline the process of purchasing the insurance, provide better access to information, reduce red tape, offer a better deal for builders and certainty for regulators and consumers.

  • How will builders purchase DBI under the new arrangements? What will change for builders?

    Builders will have more choice. Purchases can be made online and via mobile devices, as well as via brokers. A panel of DBI Distributors will use our new system to process and administer DBI. The online portal will be available on all approved DBI Distributors’ websites, offering builders the opportunity to directly access the portal.

  • What are the benefits? How does this benefit the Victorian consumer and builders?

    There are clear benefits of the new approach. Builders will be able to purchase DBI online, directly from their preferred DBI Distributor via a computer or mobile device, or they can choose to purchase DBI via their broker.

    The new system will enhance the protections available to consumers, providing access to open and more transparent information. The change will reduce process duplication and red tape.

  • When is this change going to happen?

    Nothing will change in the short term. Builders will use the existing process until the second half of 2017 when the new system will go live.

    The VMIA is currently going through a procurement process, to determine those interested in becoming a DBI Distributor. Following this will be a rigorous selection process for a panel of DBI Distributors.

  • How many DBI Distributors will there be?

    The number of DBI Distributors will be established based upon the number of respondents to the Expressions of Interest and subsequent Request for Quote process. Until this process has been successfully undertaken, it is impossible to provide the exact number of DBI Distributors that will be on the panel.

  • What does this mean for current certificates?

    Any existing DBI certificates will remain valid for the time specified upon approval.

  • My insurance broker handles all of my insurance, does this mean that I will be handling my DBI in the future?

    The new process will give builders more choice when it comes to DBI. Builders wishing to continue to purchase and manage their DBI via their broker will still have the option to do so. Builders will also have the opportunity to directly access the portal via our DBI Distributors’ website.

  • Will existing building work be covered during the changeover process?

    Any DBI approved prior to the roll out of the new process will remain valid for the period of time stated on the certificate.

  • Will this make it easier to make a claim for DBI?

    The process for making a DBI claim is not changing, neither is the criteria for eligible claims. Homeowners wishing to make a claim, should follow the procedure outlined here