In Victoria it is mandatory for builders to purchase domestic building insurance (DBI) for all domestic building projects, where the contract price is over $16,000.

DBI provides cover for homeowners where their building project is incomplete or defective and it cannot be completed or rectified as their builder has:

  • died, disappeared or become insolvent; or
  • failed to comply with a Tribunal or Court Order where DBI was issued by VMIA on or after 1 July 2015.   

VMIA offers DBI exclusively through our panel of DBI Distributors

Need DBI cover?

VMIA has introduced a new way for builders to manage their VMIA DBI. An online portal called BuildVic streamlines the process of purchasing and managing DBI, enabling access via multiple devices.

VMIA’s panel of DBI Distributors provides builders, or insurance brokers acting on behalf of builders, access to VMIA DBI via the BuildVic portal.

If you have forgotten your password please contact your DBI Distributor.

The panel of DBI Distributors are:

DBI Distributor   Contact Number Email 
 Arthur J Gallagher & Co (AUS) Limited  1300 300 115
 Bovill Risk & Insurance Consultants Pty Ltd  1800 077 933
 CCM Insurance Group Pty Ltd  03 9853 4688
 HIA Insurance Services Pty Ltd  1800 633 467
 Insurance House Pty Ltd  1300 305 834
 MBA Insurance Services Pty Ltd  1800 150 888


Click here to access the BuildVic PortalTo access VMIA DBI and the BuildVic portal, you need to nominate a DBI Distributor to deal with. You may already be aligned to a DBI Distributor via your existing insurance broker, in which case you will have already been automatically assigned to them. If your broker is not a member of the panel, you will need to choose a DBI Distributor.

If you wish to purchase VMIA DBI using an insurance broker who is not a DBI Distributor you can still do so; however, you must nominate a DBI Distributor for your broker to deal with.

To nominate a Distributor and set up a BuildVic account, please complete this Distributor Nomination Form [PDF, 235KB]

Please note that VMIA's existing arrangement with QBE ended on 30 June 2017. QBE no longer provides access to VMIA DBI. For more information see here.

New builder applications

If you are a new builder, you must undergo an underwriting assessment which will determine your eligibility to purchase VMIA DBI.

Eligibility is the term VMIA uses to describe a builder’s approval to apply to purchase DBI for specific building projects. It sets out the specific building projects the builder has approval to apply to purchase DBI for.

Eligibility applications are to be made through one of the DBI Distributors listed above. Download information about the Assessment of Eligibility for DBI [PDF, 122KB]