Changes to the DBI service model

The way in which DBI is purchased and managed will be changing in 2017

How is DBI changing?

The changes will result in a more flexible DBI service model for Victoria in the second half of 2017. The new system will help to streamline the process of purchasing the insurance, provide better access to information, reduce red tape, offer a better deal for builders and certainty for regulators and consumers.

Until then, the current process will still be used and there is nothing that builders or staff need to do differently.

We are not making wholesale product changes, but rather introducing a new process and system for managing DBI.

There are clear benefits of the new approach. Under the new process, builders will have more choice. A panel of DBI Distributors will use our new system to process and administer DBI. A new online portal will be made available on all DBI Distributors’ websites, offering builders the opportunity to directly access the portal via their computer or mobile devices. Builders wishing to continue to purchase and manage their DBI via their insurance broker will still have the option to do so.

When is this happening?

Nothing will change in the short term. Builders will use the existing process until the second half of 2017, when the new system will go live.

A procurement process is underway to determine those interested in becoming a VMIA DBI Distributor.

The process for making a DBI claim is not changing, neither is the criteria for eligible claims. Homeowners wishing to make a claim should follow the current procedure outlined within our claims section.

To understand more about DBI changes, please refer to our frequently asked questions.

You may also want to visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website, which has recently been updated to provide information on rights and responsibilities relating to building projects.