Owner builders FAQs

  • As an Owner Builder, do I need to apply for Domestic Building Insurance (DBI)?

    If you:

    • undertook building works valued at more than $16,000 on your home, and

    • want to sell the property within 6.5 years after completing the works, you may need to get DBI before you sell, to provide cover to future owners of the property. Find out more

  • How do I apply for DBI and how much will it cost?

    To arrange a quote for DBI and/or confirm that you need it, contact your insurance broker. If you don’t have a broker, contact National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) to find a broker that best suits your requirements. Find out more

  • Do I receive any benefits under the policy as an Owner Builder?

    No, as an Owner Builder, you do not receive any benefits under the policy. DBI only provides cover to the future owner/s of the property.

  • What is the process for obtaining DBI as an Owner Builder?

    Refer to the Owner Builder section for more information about how to arrange DBI as an Owner Builder.