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  • What is an owner builder?

    An owner builder is someone who is not involved in the building industry (for instance, they are not a registered builder) but takes on the responsibility of domestic building works or renovations carried out on their own property.

    For more information about being an owner builder, please visit the Victorian Building Authority: Being an owner builder.

  • As an owner builder, do I need to apply for Domestic Building Insurance (DBI)?

    If you’re an owner builder planning to sell a home you’ve built or renovated, you must purchase DBI for the domestic building work you carried out if you:

    • undertook building works valued at more than $16,000 on your home; and
    • want to sell the property within 6.5 years after completing the works, to provide cover to future owners of the property.

    As an owner builder, it is mandatory for you to purchase DBI before entering into a contract to sell your property. If the property doesn’t sell, you may be able to cancel the policy and obtain a premium refund.

    • If you are not sure whether you need to purchase DBI prior to selling your property, you should seek legal advice.

  • What is the process for obtaining DBI as an owner builder?

    To apply for Owner Builder DBI, contact a DBI Distributor below to discuss and obtain an application form.

    DBI distributor   Contact number Email 
     Bovill Risk & Insurance Consultants Pty Ltd  1800 077 933  bric-warranty@bric.com.au
     CCM Insurance Group Pty Ltd  03 9853 4688  dbi@ccminsurance.com.au
     HIA Insurance Services Pty Ltd  1800 633 467  hiaisdbi@aon.com
     Master Builders Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd  1800 150 888  dbi@mbib.com.au

  • Do I receive any benefits under the policy as an owner builder?

    No, as an owner builder, you do not receive any benefits under the DBI policy. DBI only provides cover to the future owner/s of the property.