• Contacting staff

    Please treat our people with courtesy and respect

    We appreciate the difficult situation faced by people affected by the collapse of Porter Davis.

    We’re here to help. That means trying to get you through the claims process as quickly as possible, while making sure you’re protected from further risks and potential problems. That’s our job, and our responsibility to you, as an insurer.

    It works best when we’re working together. That includes treating our people with the same respect and courtesy that everyone’s entitled to. There’s no room for abuse, aggression, or inappropriate language or behaviour – whether it’s online, in person, in writing, or on the phone.

    Most people do the right thing, and we’re grateful for your understanding as we do all we can to have claims processed as quickly as possible.

  • When does cover start?

    Cover starts on the date of the building contract, or the date of the building permit, whichever is earlier.

  • What’s covered?

    Incomplete works

    Up to 20% of the building contract price, inclusive of costs such as temporary fencing, locksmiths, works insurance and building permits.

    Structural building defects

    Up to 6 years after the completion of work or termination of the building contract.

    Other losses

    Out of pocket expenses such as removal and storage, and loss of deposit.

    Non-structural building defects

    Up to 2 years after the completion of work or termination of the building contract.

    For details about whether you are entitled to make a claim, or what your entitlements might be under a DBI policy.

  • What are the policy limits?

    Homeowners are covered for up to $200,000 in policies issued before 1 July 2014, and for up to $300,000 in policies issued on or after 1 July 2014 for each home covered by the DBI Certificate of Insurance. This is inclusive of all defective and incomplete work and other losses claimed. 

    To fully understand the limitations and exclusions in your DBI policy, you should refer to the full wording of your DBI policy