• Contacting staff

    Please treat our people with courtesy and respect

    We appreciate the difficult situation faced by people affected by the collapse of Porter Davis.

    We’re here to help. That means trying to get you through the claims process as quickly as possible, while making sure you’re protected from further risks and potential problems. That’s our job, and our responsibility to you, as an insurer.

    It works best when we’re working together. That includes treating our people with the same respect and courtesy that everyone’s entitled to. There’s no room for abuse, aggression, or inappropriate language or behaviour – whether it’s online, in person, in writing, or on the phone.

    Most people do the right thing, and we’re grateful for your understanding as we do all we can to have claims processed as quickly as possible.

  • What information will be provided by VMIA when I search for a builder?

    The Builder Search will provide the following information, if the relevant builder is eligible for insurance with VMIA:

    • The builder's name;
    • The builder's ABN or ACN; and
    • Whether the builder is currently eligible for DBI.

  • VMIA says the named builder is ‘eligible for insurance', what does that mean?

    This means the builder is currently eligible to purchase DBI from VMIA. A builder must have this eligibility before VMIA will consider issuing insurance to the builder for works at any particular property.

  • What does it mean if the search results say ‘unable to locate any details for the search criteria submitted'?

    This could mean:

    • The builder named in the search is not currently eligible to purchase DBI from VMIA.
    • The details entered for the builder do not exactly match our records. Make sure you check that the details you have entered in the builder search field are correct and that you are not searching a business name (please see below for an explanation).

  • Why can't I search by business name?

    Only an individual person, partnership or company can be a ‘builder’ who undertakes domestic building works. VMIA therefore only issues DBI policies in the name of the person, partnership or company responsible for carrying out the domestic building work.