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  • Why do I need insurance?

    In Victoria it is mandatory for builders to purchase domestic building insurance (DBI) for all domestic building projects, where the contract price is over $16,000.

    Builders must purchase DBI before demanding or receiving money under a major domestic building contract. Failing to do so is an offence. The Victorian Building Authority may issue penalties exceeding $46,000 for natural persons and $230,000 for body corporates, or exceeding $96,000 for natural persons and $480,000 for body corporates if the conduct has been committed knowingly or recklessly.

    Builders wishing to purchase DBI from VMIA are required to hold eligibility with us.

    In order to gain eligibility, a builder will have to apply through one of the listed Distributors.

  • What is eligibility ?

    Eligibility is the term VMIA uses to describe a builder’s pre-approval to apply to purchase DBI for specific building projects. It sets out the specific building projects the builder has approval to apply to purchase DBI for.

  • Who are the DBI Distributors?

    VMIA’s panel of DBI Distributors provides builders with access to VMIA DBI. Builders must choose one of the DBI Distributors from which to obtain VMIA DBI, or work with their insurance broker to choose a DBI Distributor. The panel of DBI Distributors listed below can use our system to process and administer DBI on your behalf. Each DBI Distributor's contact details and links to their websites are set out below.

  • List of DBI distributors and their contact details

  • How do I nominate a DBI Distributor?

    If you are a new builder seeking to apply for eligibility, please contact a DBI Distributor directly.

    If you are a builder with current eligibility and you wish to nominate a new DBI distributor, please complete the nomination form [PDF, 444KB] and provide to the new DBI Distributor.

    Builders wanting to purchase VMIA DBI using an insurance broker who is not a DBI Distributor can still do so. However, you must still nominate a DBI Distributor for your broker to deal with. Your insurance broker will be able to guide you through this process.

  • How do I apply for, or review my DBI eligibility?

    To apply for eligibility, please contact one of the DBI Distributors and obtain an Eligibility Application form. You will then need to complete the form and submit it along with the required supporting documentation to your nominated DBI Distributor.

    Please ensure you read through the Assessment of Eligibility [PDF, 88KB] for further information before you apply. Select link to see a list of the DBI Distributors.

  • What is BuildVic?

    BuildVic is VMIA’s online portal that enables builders to purchase DBI online directly via a computer or mobile device.

    BuildVic enables builders to:

    • Obtain a Letter of eligibility.
    • Purchase Certificates of Insurance.
    • Apply for an Eligibility Review of their:
      • Overall Construction Limit; and
      • Individual Job Limits. 

    Please note, in order to access VMIA DBI and the BuildVic portal, you need to have first nominated a DBI Distributor.

  • I have received a Letter of Eligibility. Does this now cover me for all my projects?

    No. The Letter of Eligibility simply sets out the terms of your eligibility with VMIA. You need to apply for and purchase a separate DBI Certificate of Insurance for each building project you undertake valued at $16,000 or more. Contact your nominated DBI Distributor for more information.

  • How do I access BuildVic?

    Please contact your nominated DBI Distributor to receive access to BuildVic.

  • I have submitted my Eligibility Application form to my nominated DBI Distributor, how do I log on to BuildVic?

    You will receive an email containing your login details once your application for eligibility has been processed, assessed and approved.

  • How do I find out the status of my application?

    Please contact your nominated DBI Distributor for updates on the status of your application.

  • My question has not been answered. Who can I contact for more information?

    Please contact your nominated DBI Distributor for any further questions. If you do not have one, please nominate a DBI Distributor.