Domestic Building Insurance Policy Verification

26 July 2023

VMIA has launched a new Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) policy verification feature for homeowners who have entered into a contract with a builder.

This has been developed to help homeowners verify a certificate’s authenticity, so you know if VMIA has issued domestic building insurance for your property.

Enter your policy number into the verification search and it will confirm if that policy number is a valid DBI policy issued by VMIA. If the policy is confirmed as valid, you will also be provided with the address the policy was issued for, and the date the policy was issued.

If you don’t know your policy number we encourage you to check your email for a copy, which will have been provided when it was purchased by the builder. Alternatively, request a copy from your builder. 

Verify your Domestic Building Insurance Policy here

For more information on DBI, please visit our DBI Help Centre

The search is only available for certificates issued by VMIA after 1 July 2015.

VMIA is not the only issuer of domestic building insurance in Victoria. If your certificate of insurance was not issued by VMIA, you’ll need to contact the issuer of the certificate to find out how you can verify your certificate.