Claims FAQs

  • Can I lodge a claim with VMIA?

    Before making a claim, check that VMIA is the insurer. VMIA began providing DBI on 31 May 2010. If your building project commenced before that date and your Certificate of Insurance was issued prior to 31 May 2010, you will need to lodge a claim with the insurer who issued the policy. The Certificate of Insurance will say who your insurer is.

    For Certificates of Insurance issued by VMIA, click here to make a claim.

  • My home was built before 31 May 2010, how do I find out who the insurer is?

    The insurer will be listed on the certificate of insurance. VMIA did not provide DBI before 31 May 2010. If you can’t find the certificate you can try to:

    • contact the builder (if possible), building surveyor or your local council to find out the name of the insurer and policy number. This information is also usually listed on the building permit; or 
    • contact the previous owner of the property (if the building works were carried out prior to you purchasing the home).

    If you still do not know who your insurer is, you may need to contact each of the insurers that offered DBI before 31 May 2010 (some are listed below). You will need to give them the address of your property to find out if they issued the policy for the building works. 

    Company Name
    Contact Number
    Australian International Insurance Limited (Australian Home Warranty) 1300 300 115
    Australian Unity General Insurance Limited 13 29 39
    Calliden Insurance Limited

    1300 464 895

    CGU Insurance Limited 13 15 32
    Dexta / Allianz 13 1000

    1300 586 539

    QBE Insurance Group 13 37 23
    Vero Insurance Limited 13 18 13
  • How do I lodge a claim?

    Find out how to lodge a claim on your DBI policy issued by VMIA here

  • I need emergency works done. What should I do?
    This information sheet [PDF, 518KB] will help you understand what to do, when emergency works are required due to defective or incomplete works done by the builder.
  • I am due to pay the next progress payment. What should I do?

    In most instances, you should not make any further payments until your claim has been assessed. Please seek legal advice before making any further payments.

  • I’ve lodged my claim, but I’ve noticed more defects. What do I do?

    You may be required to make a new claim if VMIA has already received the Building Consultant’s report or if the claim has already been assessed.

    If your claim has not yet reached inspection stage, you can login to your claims portal, select the claim and ‘add defects’. Any additional defects must be submitted via the portal at least 2 business days before the Building Consultant visits the site.

  • Do I need to be present when the Building Consultant inspects my property?

    It is preferable you are onsite when the Building Consultant inspects your property. If you are unable to be there, you still need to make sure the Building Consultant has full access to your home at the date and time of the appointment.

  • Can I point out further items during the inspection?

    No. The Building Consultant will have been instructed by VMIA to inspect only items listed on your claim form. The time allocated for the inspection is based on the list of defects and incomplete works noted on the claim form, so further items may require a new claim.

  • What is the Schedule of Works?

    The Schedule of Works sets out every item that the VMIA accepts is covered by your DBI policy. You will usually then be asked to arrange two quotes using the Schedule of Works by asking builders to quote it.

  • Why do I need to get a quote?

    VMIA will arrange quotes from accredited builders, but requests that you also provide at least one quote in order to ensure that the contracting process is fair and equitable.

  • Will I get the money as settlement or will you pay a builder directly to fix or finish my home?

    Under the policy, VMIA can either pay a builder to complete or rectify the works, or pay you a financial settlement. In most cases, VMIA will make payments to the builder we nominate to complete or rectify the works on your behalf. The option chosen will be based on the individual circumstances of the claim and will be discussed with you at the time.